Packing Supplies

Be Prepared with Essential Packing Supplies

Plan ahead - make a list of what you might need from the items below. Getting your packing supplies together beforehand will make your packing adventure smoother, faster, and less frustrating. Preparation reduces the likelihood of being caught without an essential item that can compromise or delay your packing job. You can purchase locks, boxes, tape and other packing materials from us during regular office hours.

Have sturdy boxes on hand in a variety of sizes and shapes.
Garment Boxes
These boxes are designed for hanging clothes. The boxes are also useful after the move for off-season clothing storage.
Packing Tape
It's inexpensive and important, so have plenty on hand.
Masking Tape
For taping dust covers over large items. It also makes an inexpensive alternative to self-adhesive labels.
Rope or Twine
For tying together smaller boxes, or pieces of disassembled items. Also important to have if you're doing your own move to secure items in the truck during transport.
Packing Material
Whether it be foam popcorn, newspaper, bubble wrap, or anything else, have plenty of it on hand. You'll be surprised how fast it's consumed when wrapping dishes and fragile items.
Clear Plastic Bags
Useful for small items, the clear bags let you see the contents.
Labels, especially color-coded ones, can save you money. For example, by just color-coding the boxes by room gives your mover clear instructions as to where the box goes at the other end of the move. This makes the process faster and saves you money.
Felt Markers
Broad-tipped felt markers make far better labels than a ball-point pen. You can even use different colors to make a color-coded system.
Small Tools
Put together a small collection of tools and keep it handy for packing, disassembly, and re-assembly. A Utility knife, scissors, hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, and a hammer make a good basic kit.